Cheapest Fuel Prices Around!!

Updated February 23, 2003

Avgas $2.40                                  Jet Fuel $2.10
500 gallons or more......  .10 cents per gallon discount! Jet or Avgas!


Pride Flight Services has Phillips 66 fuel products voted
number one fuel by Professional Pilots 8 years running.

We have Pre-mixed Jet Fuel with Fuel System Icing 

Department of Defense and Airline fuel quality control

Competitive pricing and volume discounts.

100LL or Pre-mixed Jet Fuel. Pride caters to all!

Pride has Philips 66 into-plane contract fuel for our 
airline and commercial customers.

With (4) 8000 gallon refuelers, (2) 5000 gallon refuelers, (1) 3000 gallon refueler and (1) 2200 gallon "quick-turn" refueler as well as a 217,000 gallon fuel farm with FSSI injection on site we are capable of delivering your fuel quickly and safely regardless of the quantity. Our sustainable fuel flowage capability at this time is 18,000 gallons per hour. Our fuel is delivered directly from four refineries all within 110 miles of our location guaranteeing supply regardless of the demands.

Our avgas customers are serviced with a 1500 gallon vehicle and our avgas fuel farm is a 30,000 gallon facility with its supplied product from the Phillips 66 distribution facility. Clean high quality avgas is always in supply at a competitive price.  The professional pilot's favorite brand 9 years running.