Located at England Airpark is Alexandria International Airport (AEX).  Ideally located in the central part of Louisiana, AEX offers service and convenient transportation for businesses and individuals within a 200 mile radius.  With two runways, AEX presently serves commercial, general aviation, and military customers.  This intercontinental air facility includes one of only three 24-hour air traffic control towers within the State of Louisiana. 

Airline Departures/Arrivals Schedule

AEX Fact Sheet:

  • Runway 14/32 - 150' x 9350' Grooved Concrete
    (strength 850,000 DDT)

  • Runway 18/36 - 150' x 7000' Asphalt
    (Strength 502,000 DDT)

  • Airport Elevation:  89 ft.

  • Airport Reference Point Coordinates:
    LAT:31  19'36.653"N
    LONG:92  32'56.507"W

  • Precession Approach Path Indicators (PAPI) On Each Runway

  • Precession Approach To Runway 14-VOR & GPS Approach To Runway 14/32

  • Security Fence Encompassing Entire Airfield

  • New Runway And Taxiway Lighting

  • New ALSF-1 Approach Lighting System To Runway 14

  • Index D Airport Rescue And Firefighting

  • 24-hour Air Traffic Control Tower

  • Over 18.5 Million In Capital Improvements Since 1993

  • 107% Increase In Planed Passengers Since 1996

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Alexandria International Airport

U.S. Terminal Procedures for AEX

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